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    Inclusive Environment in a Company

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    What does an organization that values diversity need to consider and address in order to manage and balance issues related to facets of diversity that may conflict, for example religious beliefs and sexual orientation? Please bring other examples of possible diversity conflicts

    What is meant by an "inclusive environment"? Provide examples.

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    Managing Workforce Diversity

    Workforce diversity demonstrates that an organization is a more heterogeneous mix of people in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. A diverse workforce involves workforce like women, different color people, physically disabled people, senior citizens and gays and lesbians (Robbins, Judge & Sanghi, 2009). Management of this workforce diversity had become of significant importance. An organization that values diversity has prominent implications for their management practice. Considering and addressing issues related to facets of diversity managers have to transform their attitude for treating everyone similarly as well as for identifying divergences and reacting to those divergences in a way through which employee retention and greater productivity can be ensures along with while anti-discrimination practices.
    The transformation of manager's attitudes should also include diversity training and revamping of benefit programs so that different needs of different employees can be accommodated. By managing diversity positively an organization can achieve ...

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