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    Developing and Retaining a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce - IBM

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    This week we looked at policies and interventions related to developing and retaining a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive environment. Last week we talked a great deal about best practices for diversity interventions. What are two new things you took away from this week's reading that adds to that discussion, further informs it, or contradicts it?

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    // Workforce diversity is an important element for an organization's success globally, and it is also a driver of innovation. In this context, the further discussion has been made regarding the interventions for developing a diverse workforce. Furthermore, interventions have also been discussed with regard to retaining an inclusive workforce.//

    The concept of diverse workforce details about the different people working in an organization, who differ on the basis of education, gender, and ethnicity. Since the employees possess different traits, there becomes a requirement for the organization to manage effectively its diverse workforce. The HR policies of the organization should be favorable for the employees such that there is an equal opportunity provided to all the employees (Booth et al., 2009). The inclusive workplace relates to a highly diverse workforce at an organizational front. It also encourages diversity in the community by participating in the governmental programs.

    The major benefit of an inclusive workforce is the reduction in barriers to employment often faced by the disadvantaged groups, physically challenged people, and women. From the perspective of an ...

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