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Global Diversity at IBM

Locate the website of a Fortune 1000 company of your choice. What statements about diversity are included? Is there a nondiscrimination policy? If so, which areas are included? If possible, determine the race, ethnicity, and sex of the CEO, board members, and other top executives of the organization.

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***IBM is an excellent company to further your research in this area. The CEO is a woman, and they are #1 on the DiversityInc global diversity list. This should give you some good direction for your research. Another area would be to check out their public information on Bloomberg or Google Finance to research all their board members as well as their global executives.***

IBM is one of the highest revenue-generating companies on the planet, and their diverse services and products serve a diverse global population. In order to parallel these high-quality standards of products and services, IBM recognizes the importance of the talent of ...

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Global diversity at IBM