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Outsourcing for the US and for IBM

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Is Outsourcing Good for IBM? For the US?

1. What benefits do multinationals bring to the US and to other countries?

2. Why is the world becoming smaller and smaller? What positives and negatives do you see in today's global marketplace?

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A. Is Outsourcing Good for IBM? For the US?
For IBM?

Outsourcing to IBM gives you access to technical scale and expertise that few organizations possess on their own. Companies strategically partner with IBM to manage and operate their applications and IT systems under a mutually beneficial agreement. The outsourcing agreement may include the transfer of IT employees and perhaps IT assets to IBM. IBM outsources the jobs offshore to Asian countries like India, Philippines. Whichever way, IBM will always assure service level to ensure quality of service is attained, measured and maintained.

Advantage: Increase in Revenue: IBM Global Services has been voted the world's best outsourcing company by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) for the second year running. A panel of IAOP experts judged the outsourcing companies on revenue, growth, number of employees, skills and training, technical and business certifications, management track record and customer ...

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This solution contains the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing for IBM and for the USA. These advantages and disadvantages are listed down and explained. The benefits of multinationals are also being discussed. The positives and negatives of today's global marketplace are also explained.

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