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    Compare 2 companies outsourcing services

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    Identify at least two companies that outsource their services. Compare and contrast their services in terms of competitive advantage. Evaluate which one is more successful and explain why.

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    //Companies cannot handle all its activities on its own. Many times, companies outsource their non-core activities to the other service providers. In the following discussion, outsourced services of Kraft food Group and Apple have been examined along with their competitive advantage//
    Kraft food group, Inc. is a leading brand of food & beverages in America with headquarter located in Chicago. Kraft food group has outsourced its various services to other companies.

    It has outsourced its information technology services to Electronic Data Exchange (EDS). They receive their IT services from EDS and due to this agreement approx 670 employees, who used to provide IT services to Kraft food have been transmitted to EDS after the agreement was finalized. It has signed $1.7B deal with EDS (Gibson, 2006).
    It has outsourced its procurement services to Capgemini. As a result of this, Kraft food would be able to manage its procurement services in North America.
    They outsourced their back office function to IBM, who would help them to meet their functional needs and would also help them in their growth strategy (IBM, 2010).
    It will be soon outsourcing its 'In-house merchandising' of Maxwell coffee house, and other grocery products to Acosta Sales & ...

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    The response addresses the query posted in 672 words with APA References