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Public Policy Issue

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Choose one of the public policy issues--poverty, corporate welfare, or outsourcing, How did your chosen public policy come about?
What crisis created it?
Has this policy been effective?

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I chose outsourcing.
Here is a very good paper outlining its historic development:

Outsourcing is the result of the end of World War II and the utter domination of American corporate capital worldwide. We have several issues:

1. The American corporate class began a process of consolidation at all levels after World War II - both horizontal and vertical types of integration.

2. Vertical integration is when a firm wants to control all aspects of its production process - from raw materials to retail sales. Horizontal integration is when a firm wants to dominate the market by destroying its competition and moving to monopoly status. This was the development of the conglomerate. It was considered a failure by the 1970s. Hence, the trend after that was to decentralize power and focus on fewer areas of production. This was the impetus behind ...

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The expert examines public policy issues. What crisis created is determined.