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1. Evaluate Avon's operations in global markets regarding the use of international cadre development and building company associates and independent representatives.

2. Since 60% of Avon's revenues are generated outside the U.S., what recommendations do you provide to the company regarding dealing with a culturally diverse workforce and a multicultural marketplace in the coming years?

3. In the coming years, Avon's future global expansion is contingent on hiring and retaining the best workforce and sales people in global markets. What training and cross-cultural strategies do you recommend to the company to deal with this area?

4. In the coming years, China is expected to be a major market for Avon. If you were to advise Avon, how would you develop a competitive HR plan for the company?

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Avon has representatives worldwide. They each utilize the web as well as have their own site. The company utilizes their products by going to markets they have not reached as a whole. All of their associates go door to door to sell their products, and encourage others to get involved as well. Each person works well as a team with their sales initiative. For example, Avon used to sell only makeup, but now they have expanded it to clothing. As a result, more people are likely to buy what they have, and receive more business because of it. Their products are admired worldwide because they are stylish, and people want to purchase them because of the high quality.

I recommend that the company add new products to their ...

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