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    Discussing the Management of Diversity in the Workplace

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    As a manager of a diverse workforce with multiple religions, cultures, and ethnic groups represented, how would you ensure that Society of Human Resource Management's core value of fairness and justice is not violated in the workplace?

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    Think about this in the context of managing diversity. Management of diversity is a social responsibility and managers have a role to play in upholding inclusive and diverse values in the workplace. This helps to create a highly engaged workforce while respecting the differences between people in terms of religion, culture, religion, etc.
    A diverse and inclusive workplace is a workplace in which every employee is treated equally, and with fairness and respect. It is a workplace where decisions about recruitment, promotion, salary and training opportunities are ...

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    Management of diversity is very important in organizations and managers have a role to play in upholding the cores values of an inclusion and diversity in the workplace.