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Diversity in the Workplace

One or more experiences from your current workplace (or if not currently working, some past, future, "pretend" workplace), describe and discuss some "benefits" AND describe and discuss some "challenges" of various dimensions (gender, ethnicity/race, age, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, education/experience, religion, differently abledness, etc.) of cultural diversity in your workplace

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There are many benefits to having cultural diversity in the workplace. First off, it offers a different perspective to issues, in terms of looking at all sides of any issue. People from different cultures working together all bring something different to the table in terms of how they look at the world. I worked in an office that dealt with helping rural America, and we were fortunate to have several students from far reaches of the world. Each student had their own perspective about how to help people and communities in the best way, because they all had ...

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The solution is a concise advice/discussion of diversity in the workplace, discussing the benefits and challenges of diversity in said social agency in terms of gender, race, etchnicitty, education, religion, etc.