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Diversity has become an increasing topic of focus in work

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Diversity has become an increasing topic of focus in the workplace. Demographic trends in the United States have led to increased workplace diversity. There are legal/regulatory requirements relative to workforce diversity. In addition, many organizations have developed comprehensive diversity programs to respond to these trends as well as to support organizational strategies.

Prepare an article on diversity that covers the following:
-A summary of trends leading to increased diversity in the workplace.
-The general impact of diversity on organizations.

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Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity in the workplace has been growing for years with respect to gender, age, and race. It is important to organizations world-wide. The Federal law has put laws in place to protect the rights of women and minorities since the 1960s and 1970s. There is still a major divide between male and female employees. Male employees still make more than females (PDA, 2011).
In today's workplace, there are many age differences that have never been seen before in the American culture. It mostly has to do with the amount of Baby Boomers and their living longer. The economy is not as positive as it used to be. Race is also a factor in the workplace. African Americans, Hispanic, and Asian women are all exhibiting being a major part of the employment world. Organizations are now looking at more diverse employees and should be preparing for even more diversity as time progresses.
Handling Diversity
Training ...

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