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    Workplace Diversity: A Team and a Group

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    1.) Explain the differences between a group and a team.
    2.) Examine the importance of workplace diversity, and how it relates to team dynamics in the workplace.

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    1.) Explain the differences between a group and a team.
    The terms group and team are sometimes used interchangeably however, there is a difference between the two. First, a group can be defined by people who are together but not necessarily working together to complete a job. A group of people could be doing the same thing together, such as watching a sports event, but they are the observers and not the doers (Powers, 2008). Also, groups in the workplace are permanent fixtures with ongoing goals and responsibilities (Fritz, 2011).
    On the other hand, a team is a group of people working together to reach a common goal however, it consist of three or more people from who come from different departments especially within the workplace (Fritz, 2011). The people within the team collaborate over time to fulfill that common purpose, goal or project. With a team, the expertise and talents of others are ...

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    This solution explains the difference between a group and a team. It further examines the importance of workplace diversity and how it relates to team dynamics within a workplace.