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Groupthink, Cohesiveness, Diversity & Goals

I would appreciate your help in answering these questions for an assignment that is due Weds. What is groupthink? I never heard of that. Thanks for all you help and knowledge with my studies.

What is cohesiveness? What impact does cohesiveness have on behavior? Does a group need to be cohesive in order to be successful? Why or why not?

What is groupthink? How can a group avoid groupthink?

What kinds of diversity can exist within a group? What impact does diversity have on group outcomes?

Is there a difference between a group and a team? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

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Groupthink & Cohesiveness

When people think together as a group, the roles of individuality and personal viewpoints take a backseat as the goal is to resolve any issue or arrive at an action that is acceptable to all. Social groups that have had a shared history with an innate culture and tradition follow a line of action and thinking that allows the group to inhibit the notion of a singular entity as decisions can right away be taken up based on the values and shared traditions of the group without considering individual opinion. In the notion of groupthink, for the purpose of cohesiveness, individuality takes a backseat, even individual critical opinions of certain subjects, objects and action. In groupthink, members are conscious to not contribute opinions that are contrary to that of the group's comfort zone for the purpose of consensus. Thus, it is possible for ...

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The solution is a comprehensive discussion of the following concepts - groupthink, cohesiveness, diversity & organizational behaviour. The solution discusses group cohesiveness especially that in the workplace and its impact on group and individual behaviour in relation to creativity, targets and efficiency. Groupthink and its negative outcome is then discussed as well as the difference between a 'group' and a 'team'. References (web) are listed. The solution follows the APA-format. A word version is attached for easy printing.