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    Conflict management: cohesiveness, conformity, groupthink

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    Together a team is stronger than one person alone. For example, if you are supposed to give a group presentation and one person doesn't show up, the rest fill in. At first it may seem like the rest of the team is taking up the slack, which may seem unfair, but that is also the benefit of a team. They compensate for other teammates. Imagine if you were presenting solo, and that day you were ill or in a fender bender and couldn't make it. You'd lose the potential deal, be out of the job, etc. But in a group, your team fills in for you.

    What is the relationship among cohesiveness, conformity, and groupthink?

    About 100 words are needed.

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    As you briefly correlate cohesiveness, conformity, and groupthink, I deem them as interrelated as pearls on a necklace. I feel that their degrees of harmonious or dysfunctional ...

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