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Five Stages of Tuckman's Theory of Group Development

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Describe the Five Stages of Tuckman's Theory of Group Development.

Describe Groupthink, and identify at least four of its symptoms.

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The five stages of Tuckman's Theory of Group Development is examined.

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Describe Groupthink, and identify at least four of its symptoms.

Groupthink is the act of decision-making by a group to create conformity of collective values. In other words, groupthink is when members of a group make a decision to align with the majority members of the group. These decisions may happen because of pressures among other group members. Groupthink does not welcome creativity and fail to evaluate critical information to make a decision. This usually happens when groups are cohesive and under extreme pressure to make a quick and effective decisions. Often times when a meeting is called an a leader or member of the group makes a decision, the rest of the group will go along with the decision for various reasons not limited to fear, uninterested, or to remain on good terms for personal gain. For example, ...

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