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    The Effective Application of Tuckman's five-stage model of Group Development

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    Using Tuckman's Five-Stage Model of Group Development, describe the characteristics and actions of a work group for the US Military throughout its development process. Use a work group and apply Kolb's model of Experiential Learning.

    Focus your description on at least two of the stages, forming, storming, norming, or performing, that applied most to your knowledge of this work group.

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    An important work group for the US military would be a military police platoon at Fort Benning, Georgia, for example, or any other US Army facility or base. Utilizing Kolb's model of experiential learning in respect to the forming stage of Tuckman's five stage model of group development, as applied to this military police platoon, the forming would begin during their basic training and advanced training. The individuals that comprise this workgroup would experience military police basic training and the ...

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    This solution describes the effective application of the five stage model of group development.