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    Two Poorly Functioning Teams

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    1. Enlist the multiple factors that caused the poor functioning of each group.
    2. According to Tuckman's five stages of group development conflict occurs as the second stage after the orientation phase in ordinary groups. Compare the two groups in respect to the conflict process that took place in each using the Tuckman's as a framework.
    3. For each group, suggest a resolution to the conflicts and explain why you think it is going to be effective.

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    The multiple factors that caused the poor functioning of the first group were that there were too many leaders, there was little initiative, and the leader did not perform the role of guiding the group. The venue was selected unilaterally, and conflict occurred in the group. There was too nice syndrome, lack of commitment, and low awareness of group dynamics. The multiple factors that cause poor functioning of the second group were the emergence of two leaders, the norms and communicating were not clear. Only two members of the group were aware of group dynamics, even though conflict was present it was not expressed and the TooNiceSyndrome dominated, ...

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