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Supporting Team Performance: Team Leadership

Select a team leadership issue related to roles, procedures, or responsibilities involved in launching a team, managing diverse members, supporting team performance, diagnosing and intervening with team dysfunctions, or evaluating team effectiveness.

1. Definition of the team leadership practice you will research
2. Rationale that explains why the selected leadership practice is important to effectiveness in teams. Support your rationale with points drawn from the readings or other relevant sources.
3. Show your application. Connection your topic to your own work and state why it is important. In addition, the title should reflect the focus of your assignment.


(1)Mastering virtual teams: strategies, tools, and techniques that succeed
Deborah L. Duarte, Nancy Tennant Snyder
E3, John Wiley and Sons, 2006

(2)Creativity in virtual teams: key components for success
Jill E. Nemiro Pfeiffer, 2004

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Supporting Team Performance

Work teams are an excellent alternate to the traditional work duties distribution which usually involves employees from various disciplines performing specific functions. However, with the advent of teams, more and more companies are opting for team work and team duties. Consequently, as a team leader, one of the most important roles I can perform is to be able to support the team's performance. Without the proper evaluation measures, a work team cannot meet its highest potential. Gondal et al state that "[m]anagers should be aware of effect of the team empowerment on team performance. Team performance is more than just effectiveness and efficiency; it also captures other critical success factors like cooperation and coordination, learning, satisfaction,
effort, cohesion, group conflict, mutual support and balance of member contribution." With that said, some of the ways I would go about evaluating team effectiveness are:

1) Allow the team to self manage. Self managed teams, as it says, are teams that do not need a manager to function. This means the teams on their ...

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Team leaders often deal with a variety if issues that must be addressed properly in order to maintain an effective team. This solution discusses the factors involved in developing a healthy team.