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maximizing personal leadership effectiveness

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Submit a paper in which you translate your course learning into a reflective personal leadership development plan. Your plan should define a strategy for maximizing your leadership effectiveness and should include the following components:

The leadership theory or theories supporting your plan
Your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and what you will do to capitalize on your strengths and modify your weaknesses
Gaps between the leader you are now and the leader you would like to become
Action items you will realistically implement to close gaps between the leader you are now and the leader you would like to become
A realistic implementation timeline for each action item on your plan
Discussion of how you will actually use your plan to impact your leadership, your followers, and your organization. Discuss how you will assess and modify your plan to ensure you are on track.

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The leadership theory or theories supporting your plan

The leadership theory or theory that supports my plan is behavioral theories. The behavioral theory is based on pre-supposition that high-quality leaders are made, not born. This theory is suitable for my purpose because this theory focuses on the actions of leaders and not on their inherent mental abilities. In short I can learn to become an excellent leader.
The theoretical background of the behavioral theory is that leaders can be made. A leader need not be born a leader. This is a democratic theory. The success of leadership is based on the behavior of the leader. Further, this behavior is learnable. I intend to use this theory because I intend to learn and master leadership. The behavioral theory is suitable for me because it does not explain leadership in terms of their traits or capabilities but it judges the actions on the basis of their descriptions so that I can learn the actions that I need to take to be an excellent leader.

Trait theories are highly restrictive because they presume that the leader has inherent traits. On the other hand the behavioral theories focus on the actions of leaders. The behavioral theories identify the behaviors of leaders that make them good leaders. Similarly, the behavioral theories also identify the behaviors that a good leader should avoid.

The behavioral theories support my plan because they enable leadership development. It is not that I simply need to get myself psychometrically examined and find out if I am leadership material. The behavioral theories support my plan because these theories help in identifying those behaviors that contribute to the success of leadership.

Your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and what you will do to capitalize on your strengths and modify your weaknesses
There are several leadership strengths I possess and there are some weaknesses that I would like to modify. My strengths with respect to leadership are, that I am good at representing the group, I also lead from the front and set examples, I am excellent at controlling a group, I understand the group resources very well, I understand the overall needs of the group as well as the specific needs of individuals that form the group, and I am competent in giving and receiving information.

My weaknesses are, I do not share leadership with others, I am not good at listening and so I am weak in counseling, I am weak in planning, I do not evaluate the performance of others objectively, and I am not able to understand easily the learning/training needs of my group members.

To capitalize on my strengths, I will communicate very well with my group. For instance, I will take care to ensure that every group member understands the plan of the group; she understands the vision, and mission of the group. Further, I will understand the needs of the group and ensure that a great deal of group needs is ...

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