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    Briefly describe your own leadership skills, traits, and behaviors. Indicate the key characteristics that support and inhibit your leadership growth. What are the ways in which developing skills will help you be a more effective leader? Give examples and support your assertions with current research.

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    500 words of personal reflection and article notes are integrated.

    When briefly describing personal leadership skills, traits, and behaviors, I possess proactive initiative, creativity, excellent people skills, solid work ethic, positive, can do attitude, strong, clear, and consistent communication, ambitiousness, enthusiasm, charisma, a commitment toward achieving goals, an emphasis on collaboration and cooperation, a strong emphasis on diversity/multiculturalism and inclusion, task analysis, research-based innovations and lifelong learning through professional development, ethical and moral regard, and extensive knowledge from my education and diverse work experiences.

    In sum, some key characteristics that support and my leadership growth correlate with ongoing professional development, a clear focus on collaboration, commitment and a rigid concentration on achieving all benchmarks, goals and objectives, and consistent communication skills.

    One article's list of key traits also correponds with some of my personal findings:

    Hoffman, B. J., ...

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    500 words of personal reflection and article notes briefly examine key characteristics that support and inhibit one's leadership growth.