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Human Resources for Leaders of Future Organizations

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Diana Chapman Walsh notes that "...leadership in our society is cut off from any inner voice...(leadership)emphasizes form over content and style over substance." Because of their unexplained fears, leaders create unhealthy organizations in which no one can be free.

1. What kinds of inner resources and inner work does Walsh recommend for leaders of future organizations?

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Inner Resources and Work for Leaders

Inner Resources and Work for Leaders
In the present competitive environment the organization structure is concerned with the establishment of positions and the relationship between positions (Hesselbein & Goldsmith, 2009).The concept of leadership plays a significant role in directing and controlling group behavior (Halloran & Jack, 1998). As Dianna Chapman stated that unexplained fears of the followers can developed an unhealthy organization, it is necessary for the leaders to develop their inner resources and inner work for the healthy growth of an organization (Wasonga & Murphy, n.d.). According to the perspective of various philosophers, leadership is a group ...

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