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Selecting Effective HR Strategies for Future Success

Analyze the opportunities and threats in the external environment that could have an impact on HR within the next three years. Recommend two strategies that will take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the threats. Then, select one that will provide the most value and competitive edge to your organization's HR strategies and / or programs. Be sure to justify your selection.

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First it would be a good idea to search for reference articles that are available in your school library. When searching for articles, enter key terms such as the future of HR, HR challenges, HR global issues, HR global opportunities, HR extrinsic challenges, HR technology, HR innovation, HRM and stakeholders, HR organizational value, HR retention and recruitment challenges. By doing so, you can get a brief snapshot of what the field of human resources is ...

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The field of Human Resources is presented with many growth opportunities. However, external challenges await implementation which may cause a delay in organizational plans. This solution provides guidance on what to look for when searching for answers regarding how HR is preparing for the future.