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Establishing a Human Resource plan

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Put yourself in the position of consultant to an owner of several small convenience stores. You've been hired to help set up a process for ensuring the owner has valid selection measures for each position in the store. What recommendations would you make to help the owner establish an appropriate HR plan? What method of job analysis would you recommend?

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HR Consultancy
Following are some recommendations that would be helpful for owner in making an appropriate HR plan:
Focus on Innovative Practices:
In order to make an appropriate HR plan, the owner should adopt innovative practices to attract and engage employees. In this concern, the use of information technologies can be helpful for the company to reach many potential talented and skilled employees (Storey, 2007). Additionally, the owner should develop an effective HR department that deploys engagement initiatives and effectual motivation and reward management practices. It is because it will be helpful in enhancing the employee retention rate.
Diverse Workforce:
Employment of diverse workforce is necessary for retailers because it assists them in connecting better with marketplace and delivers better results and ideas. Therefore, the owner should focus on hiring and selecting a diverse workforce that can better meet with its target market. For selecting a diverse workforce, HR managers ...

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A human resource plan is established. The position of consultants of several small convenience stores are discussed.

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