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International HRM for an IT Consulting Firm

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The case study:
An IT consulting organization will be expanding into the United Kingdom. A facility has been purchased in London and needs to be staffed with HR professionals in six months. The business plan is for 70 full-time IT professionals and 50 part-time IT professionals to have offices in the London facility within 2 years, working with employers located exclusively in the U.K.

Your boss has asked your insights and recommendations. Provide a report to his top staff with the following information:
1. What HR staff will you need in London? Will your HR employees be expatriate employees, host country nationals, and/or third country nationals?
2. For the IT employees needed, will you employ expatriate employees, host country nationals, and/or third country nationals?

The solution provides for a sound staffing plan, of both Human Resource (HR) professionals and how to manage onboarding the information technology (IT) staff.

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Solution Summary

This solution is over 700 words and includes a reference. It provides a thorough recruitment and staffing plan for an information technology (IT) consulting firm that is expanding to London. There is insight provided on the use of host country nationals, expatriates and even third country nationals.

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We are prohibited from providing completed assignments. This solution is a detailed explanation on an international staffing plan; and serves as a basis for you to further research and enhance into a final, four page document. Under FAQs, 1 credit is equal to approximately 10 minutes of Online Expert time (or about 100 words). This solution is over 700 words and includes a reference. As there can be variance in how Instructors interpret "APA format" - please ensure you review the reference and change, as needed.

Based on the business plan to have 70 full-time employees, with another 50 part-time IT professionals within two years, the quantity of Human Resource (HR) personnel recommended to staff the London office is two. According to the website HR Resource, the "generally accepted HR to employee ratio is 1 HR to 90-100 employees" (Steele, 2013). There should be an expatriate Human Resource Manager, who is well-versed in the personnel policies, procedures, compensation strategies and customary benefits provided by the IT Consulting organization. This position may be offered as an internal promotion for current employees to apply for; with knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) for supporting the organization's personnel policies and procedures. The advantages in this approach is essentially placing an experienced ...

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