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    Human Resource Policy

    Human resource policies are established by organizations in order to govern the human capital that works for an organization. Every individual company usually creates its own human resource code based upon both internal and external factors that influence the company.

    Human resource policies help organizations regulate the interactions between employees and the interactions between employees and the company as a whole. The policy can include: what employees expect to receive from the company (and vice-versa), what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and the consequences if rules are broken. The policies of a company are constantly changing as organizations expand and contract. Policies are also changed and manipulated as companies become international entities.

    Additionally, human resource policy can be very specific or general. An example of a specific code might be a dress code, where employees are told what is and what is not acceptable to wear in the work environment. An example of a general code might be the hiring policy enforced by an organization that encompasses all company positions.

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    Legal and Legislative Developments in HR

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    Legal and legislative developments in HR are codes and practices enacted by a state to protect workers and organizations from abuse, malpractice, and other negative consequences.

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    Questions During an Interview

    One question that should not be mentioned during the interview process is ... "What is the name, address, and relationship to you of the individual to be notified in case of accident or emergency?" Why should we not ask this question? What laws could this question potentially violate?

    legal Implications in Human Resources

    Polygraph Protection Act Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification Act Privacy laws Drug Testing laws OSHA Integrate your responses to the following as you prepare your paper: One of your old college roommates who now lives in New York City just called you. He said he was on vacation this week attending

    US Labor Laws

    For this assignment you must be familiar with the following governmental regulations that impact HRM actions: a. Employment at Will (Click on the link for a brief overview.) b. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (Click on the link for a brief overview.) c. Immigration Reform and Control Act (Click on the link for

    Companies Operating in Foreign Countries

    Please help to get me started on a report I only need about 2 paragraphs to get me going. From a human resource standpoint, in which country do you think a U.S. corporation would face the biggest challenge in terms of opening up an overseas division? Consider cultural, legal, economic, and any other factors you think would be r

    HR Laws for Organizational Use

    What are some HR laws that organizations can use to develop and implement policies, procedures, and practices? Name and describe at least three laws that would drive policies, procedures, and practices.

    Gifts from Employees

    You know that you typically never give employees gifts; however, one of your employees is constantly giving you gifts for holidays, birthdays, and boss's day. If you know that exchanging gifts is not encouraged at your company, would you accept these gifts? Explain in detail.

    Framework for Ethical Decision Making in Business

    Analyze the framework for ethical decision making in business and make at least one (1) recommendation for improvement. The authors state that their framework for ethical decision making in business does not describe how to make ethical decisions, but rather helps one understand the factors and processes related to ethical

    Easy Spa & Compensation Professional

    Jay Spento is returning to his office after attending the grand opening of the 20th location of EasySpa. As the Director of Human Resources at this growing chain of day spas, Jay has faced many challenges. Opening this latest location took a significant amount of time for Jay and his staff and they have fallen behind on some imp

    Person Focused Pay Systems

    1. Identify and describe at least three advantages of a person-focused pay system. 2. Identify and describe at least three disadvantages. 3. What approach would you recommend in designing a person-focused pay system? Explain the reasons for your recommendation.

    Pros & Cons of Employee Turnover

    Review the major negative consequences of employee turnover, and also consider the potential positive consequences of turnover. What is the "turnover train?" What are the factors that lead people to start the process of turnover at each stage, and what can organizations do to try to encourage people to get off the train at ea

    Workforce Planning and Staffing

    Describe some of the most common pitfalls in using metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of a selection system. What are the four main stages in developing effective policies and procedures? Why is each stage important?

    Integration of Knowledge Management and Dynamic Capabilities

    Present a written analysis of the arguments offered in the journal article about the link between the role of dynamic capabilities and the firm's abilities for knowledge management. How does the social and organisational context of learning help to provide an understanding of how learning plays an integrative role between knowle

    Gambini v. Total Renal Case

    Short suspense: How should employers deal with situations in which performance problems might be related to employees' disabilities? Search the Internet for and review the Gambini v. Total Renal Care case. In that case, did the employer violate the ADA by terminating the disabled employee? What did the court decide? Do you ag

    Selecting Effective HR Strategies for Future Success

    Analyze the opportunities and threats in the external environment that could have an impact on HR within the next three years. Recommend two strategies that will take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the threats. Then, select one that will provide the most value and competitive edge to your organization's HR strategie

    Performance Improvement Road Map

    Because of your great efficiency and expertise in performance improvement, you have been reassigned to a project that is behind schedule due to the loss of several key staff members. Before taking any action, what information are you going to ferret out about the project and how will you use it to get the project back on track?

    Age and Disabilities/Disability Discrimination

    What does the ADEA do: A. Protects all persons against age discrimination in employment. B. Protects all employees who are at least 40 years of age, against age discrimination in employment. C. Protects all persons who are at least 40 years of age, against age discrimination in employment. D. Protects all employe

    Employee Skill Inventories

    I need some help in answering these questions: 1. How does a organization conduct skill inventories? 2. What information is sought in gathering data to make the inventory meaningful to you and the organization? 3. How can the data be used? 4. If your organization does not currently use a skills inventory how could you i

    The Doctrine of Fair Representation, Employee Stress and Burnout

    1) Under the doctrine of fair representation, unions are required to represent both members and nonmembers in the bargaining unit. Do you think unions should be required to represent nonmembers? Explain. 2) How do you think that stress affects employee health and productivity in the workplace? As a member of management, what

    Performance Appraisals & Multi-Rater Use

    Performance Appraisals 1)How important is it that the employee plays a role in the appraisal process? What do you think the employee's role is in the process? Who do you think has the most important role during this appraisal process and why? Multi-raters in Performance Evaluations 2)How do you feel about having multi-rater

    HR Organizational and Training Development: The Environment

    1) Do you think it is realistic to connect a reward and incentives program to the individuals and /or organization's goals and/or objectives? Also what recommendations would you make in ensuring that the rewards programs are aligned with meeting/exceeding goals and objectives? 2) From a management perspective what some enviro

    Using key training components to make a new program

    When developing training programs, there are five (5) key components to be addressed: (1. Orientation (2. Training Programs (3. Methods of training (4. Evaluation and (5. Principles of learning. How will you address and use each of these components if you had to develop a training program for a organization? Discuss each compo

    Faculty Unionism in Universities

    1. One of your colleagues argues that domestic violence is not a concern of the business. Do you agree or disagree? Explain. Provide two citing 2. Assume that a union has organized the faculty at the university or the college where you are a student. What impact would you expect the union to have on the faculty? Which facul