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Workforce Planning and Staffing

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Describe some of the most common pitfalls in using metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of a selection system.

What are the four main stages in developing effective policies and procedures? Why is each stage important?

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Describe some of the most common pitfalls in using metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of a selection system.

Some common pitfalls that businesses encounter when attempting to use metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of a selection system are that many organizations measure with the wrong metrics, which is more harmful than helpful and can do more damage than good. Organizations can also place too much reliance upon numbers, which may result in these organizations making bad decisions and neglecting the important human element within the selection system. In addition if companies ...

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This solution discusses steps of developing effective policies and procedures and the importance of each stage.

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Proposal plan, part 1: Staffing for Riordan Manufacturing; HR procedures

Individual Assignment: Proposal Plan, Part I

· Imagine you are the vice president of HR for a real or fictitious organization of more than 500 employees. To support the organization's growth, you have been asked to create a comprehensive proposal plan to present to the board of directors that addresses staffing, performance appraisal, training and development, total rewards, and organizational behavior and processes.

· Create the proposal plan, which has four parts. Each part is developed in a different week. When deciding on an organization, choose one you will stay with for the duration of the project.

· Begin by designing the staffing component. In a no more than 1,050-word paper, address the following:

o Provide a brief background on the organization and its objectives.

o Explain how organizational behavior has influenced the organization's effectiveness over the last 5 years.

o Identify best practices that will support the organization's effort toward workforce diversity, including effective ways to implement diversity, formal staffing, employee relations, and employee retention plans.

o Consider whether outsourcing must be an option for this organization's workforce planning. Explain why.

o Explain how these practices and your plan would support and link staffing to key organizational objectives.

Need conclusion and references APA style.


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