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Analyzing Human Resource Staffing Strategy

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After reading Chapter Five, in Dreher, G. F. & Dougherty T. W., Human Resource Strategy: A Behavioral Perspective for the General Manager pp.100-119:

o Categorize a firm you have worked with recently as a defender, prospector, or analyzer.
o Discuss whether or not the staffing systems supported the strategy the firm utilized.
o Given the emphasis on teams, cross functional responsibilities and non-traditional forms of jobs, what types of selection systems would you recommend to ensure newcomers have the requisite skills for such firms?

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Short solution of 800 words of detail that explains staffing strategies to help in succession planning and retention of employees.

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From the perspective of the analyzer firm (p. 103), the firm that I worked with recently and is being discussed in this research is a food manufacturing firm that produces bagged coffee beans and they practice the analyze model (p.103). They pride themselves on monitoring the "latest and greatest" techniques and practices within the industry and trends and then rapidly copy the practices and develop systems to implement them into their product lines. One example was the company's ability to identify the ramp up in the demand of K-cups so to stay competitive, they were able to design, implement, and begin production on a new K-cup line within 8 months of initial decision approval.

This type of flexibility requires one very key component, great talent. In order to function in this hybrid type of company, the organization has relied heavily on external staffing companies to fill their resource needs and often they have outsourced work completely. This type of staffing system can be effective for some businesses as is pointed out in the text (p.100-103), however, it has started becoming inefficient for this coffee company. The main reason is that they are faced with an aging workforce that is retiring and they are not capable of quickly replacing the skills required to run ...

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