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Evaluation of the New Health Medical Systems staffing strategy

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I need help with an evaluation of the New Health Medical Systems staffing strategy. The following questions should be addressed:
To what degree does the staffing strategy align with the company's new strategic direction?
What changes or additional recommendations would you propose be done to the staffing strategy in order to meet the organizational's goals?

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Evaluation of the New Health Medical Systems Staffing Strategy

To: The Departmental Head
From: The Human Resource Department
Date: April 6, 2010
Subject: Evaluation of Staffing Strategy according to the Company's new Strategic Direction
Staffing is an important function of any organization, which deals with the acquisition, deployment and retention of the manpower resources of an organization.
Staffing should involve certain basic principles, which help in managing the human resources of an organization. An organization should have a strong staffing strategy, which helps it in achieving its goals and objectives (Renckly, 2003).
Alignment of Staffing Strategy with Company's Strategic Direction
In order to fill the 35 new positions in the hospital, the director of staffing of New Health Medical Systems proposed the following staffing alternatives:
 Placing the advertisement for the candidates in the local newspaper
 Contacts with the staffing and placement agencies for the technicians into health care facilities
 Organizing a job fair to invite local professionals
 Offering bonus ...

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