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    Restriction on Unavoidable Overtime

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    Go to http://www.aha.org, and search for "Workforce Challenges." Select "[PDF] WkforceChallenge10_Layout1." This link will lead you to the article title "Advancing Excellence in Patient Care: Workforce Challenges."
    Part 1: What is your view of the AHA position on workforce issues?
    Part 2: Select any one of the "workforce challenges" presented here. Read the AHA's position on the challenge, and then share your own view. Support your position on the challenge selected.

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    The AHA position on workforce issues, while not all inclusive, delineates some very prominent issues and concerns with respect to establishing best practices to ensure patient centered care, that is delivered in a safe and efficacious manner. One of the specified challenges noted was the 'Restriction on Unavoidable Overtime" and the opposition of S. 1031, which bars the use of overtime. ...

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    The AHA position on workforce issues such as restriction on unavoidable overtime can lead to avoidable negative patient outcomes with proper staffing planning considerations and stop gap analysis.