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Feasible Alternatives to Downsizing

What are some feasible alternatives to downsizing? If downsizing must occur, what criteria should be used to select those individuals who will be downsized? Would your response differ depending on whether the employer was unionized or nonunionized?

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Employment Law

In today's ailing economy, many companies are choosing to lay off workers in order to cut costs across the board. The decision to layoff these workers is not always a prudent alternative to the problem at hand. In addition, before pursuing action that includes layoffs, the Human Resource Department should consider many alternatives.
Alternatives To Prevent Layoffs
Pay Cuts

First, a company should evaluate all of its options before choosing to lay off workers to save money. One option would be the option of pay-cuts. Pay cuts can be a viable way to save money while keeping workers engaged. There are considerations that must be taken into account before pursuing these cuts, but the option should be on the table before measures that are more drastic are pursued.
Reducing Unauthorized Overtime

It may seem that reducing unauthorized overtime would be a ...

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The feasible alternatives to downsizing are determined. Whether the experts response would differ depending on whether the employer was unionized or non unionized is determined.