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Using key training components to make a new program

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When developing training programs, there are five (5) key components to be addressed: (1. Orientation (2. Training Programs (3. Methods of training (4. Evaluation and (5. Principles of learning. How will you address and use each of these components if you had to develop a training program for a organization? Discuss each components and how they will be used when you develop your training program.

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Each of the five components involved in a training program is specifically designed to link with the other components. We start a training program with an orientation session or module. When we design a training program, we would start by writing the outline for the orientation session. We would include the key points to be covered. The standard information needs to be included, which covers policies and procedures, operations, human resource issues, and other related elements based upon the type of business and organizational structure. The orientation component should make new employees feel comfortable. There should also be ample time at the end of the orientation session to allow for questions, comments and concerns from those in attendance. I would also request that a manager or other party be in attendance at the orientation session to provide constructive feedback as to the areas that need to be improved. Orientation sessions cover a great deal of material and ...

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This solution discusses the methods that should be used when developing a training program for an organization. Each of the five elements is discussed. Additional student resources are also provided for student expansion.

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