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Sales Training Plan For New Employees; Case Study

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You are the Manager of Sales Training for AFLAC. Every year your firm hires a large number of entry-level sales personnel, fresh off of college campuses. These new hires come with a variety of backgrounds, have a variety of different degrees, and have very little in common with one another in terms of demographic characteristics. They are all very enthusiastic, have a grade point above a 3.2, and were all active in at least three organizations on campus. How would you go about designing an initial orientation and training session for them? What components should be in this training program? What criteria would you use to judge how successful your training program is a year later?

Please cite and list any references used.

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I will design an initial orientation and training session for them. In the orientation program, the activities of AFLAC will be described. The organizational structure, organizational culture, and code of conduct will be explained to them. They will also be sent on a guided tour of AFLAC. The sales training will be over a period of seven days. There will be several modules. The learning will be in the form of classroom contact, role play, problem solving, and ...

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