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    Case Study - Operational Flow

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    Read the case study "Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa" on page 645 of the textbook. Analyze the issues in the case using what you have learned in this course and additional research you do. In a paper of at least two pages in length, write a short introduction to the case and then respond to discussion questions 1, 3, and 4 at the end of the case. (You may want to draw a restructured cell layout to help you visualize the process you design, but you do not have to submit it.)
    Support your responses in detail and include citations from your sources. An effective case study analysis is more than your opinions.
    Your paper should be in APA format with a cover page and references page with at least two references in APA format. Be sure to use quotation marks and in-text citations for any material you take word-for-word from another source

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    1) Try and think on current attributes identified deals with processing time in claims verification leading to data entry for final assessment in payouts or denied status by employees, in which, the facility capacity is limited to the overall layout. Claims processing deals with the overall review, however, initially the time consumer component attributes deals with data entry lengthy time output accordingly. For example, in the case study, the data entry starting point takes awhile before progressing to the next phase within the overall claims processing procedural output. Thus, the attributes related to implementing the new JIT approach can deal with (a) efficiency (b) streamline departmental processes, and (c) accountability that leads to employees designated responsibilities.

    According to Ms. Cook, the new JIT approach system will entail more defined departments, so the new facility ...

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    The review into case study analysis on business work flow processes to improving the facility.