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Operation Management: Key Activities and Flow Charting

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1.) Summarize the key activities that comprise the discipline of operations management. In your opinion, what aspect do you feel is most important.

2.) Explain the impact of flow charting to identify deficiencies in processes in an organization that can be improved ultimately, so that they are more efficient and effective.

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This solution is a brief summary of operational management activities and the impact of flow charting.

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Operations Management (Key Activities Comprising Discipline)

Operations management is a vital part of gaining a competitive edge for many companies. It is a position in organizations that require multiple disciplines. The two most important functions of an operation manager is the ability to strategically sell and deliver a product or service. (Reference for Business, 2013) These two functions are performed by disciplines coupled with management skills. The factors governing the discipline of operation managers consist of competency in operations planning, project implementation, procedural analytics, quality management, and product/service management. The results of these multi-disciplinary skills lead to organizational invigorations in the areas ...

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