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Question about Data Collection

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Employee Data Collection Training
Employee Data Collection Training:

Your boss has asked you to help new employees understand uses of data in systems-operation management and the various statistical process controls they will experience on a daily basis.

Please describe the following terms with some examples

o Core competencies
o Division of labor
o Key performance indicators
o Operations management
o Positioning
o Productivity
o Supply chain management

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//System operational management helps in achieving the desired objectives in accordance with advancement in the technology. In order to support the topic this paper, will firstly start with the small introduction of system operational management with its key areas and usage of various statistical control process to help the new employees to deal with the complexity of the environment//

Many organizations use statistical control process along with operational management to achieve the six levels of quality standards, so that unexpected uncertainties can be ascertained and corrected in the normal distribution and production tasks. Operational management involves accessing the performance, so that coordination and balance between the input, transformation process and the final output can be maintained. Statistical control process will help in the improvement on daily basis by analyzing the historical performance index, improving the network ability to provide maximum data collection and delivery to its customers.

Core competencies are capabilities of recognizing the competition and having edge over the competition in relation to the market position and market power. The organization guides the new employees by effective training and maintaining daily assessment register to find out the area where they lack, and thus, efforts are made to improve their performance. For this purpose, the system operational management is essential in order to compete for future and improve upon the central areas, so that value can be added wherever ...

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The response defines core competencies, division of labor, key performance indicators, operations management, positioning, productivity and supply chain management in 892 words with 5 references.

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