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CRM: Consumer Data Collection

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CRM: Consumer Data Collection

AirWays has recently implemented a CRM system. After getting familiar with the key elements of the CRM technology and determining how the company can best use it to improve its customer retention, I have to make sure I give support of my choices with well-reasoned arguments and external sources.


A customer database template with fields containing critical customer information from your key market segment
A customer satisfaction survey containing ten questions about the segment's flying experience
A description on how this customer data will be collected

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CRM consumer data collections are examined.

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Consumer Data Collection
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Executive summary
The purpose of this paper is to provide a report on the essential elements of a CRM and how they could be use in improving and maintaining customer retention within Airways Company.
Consumer data collection is considered as an act of gathering data to monitor a customer's response with regards to services that a company offers such as the Airways flight services.
Data collection
The customer data will be collected through the use of questionnaires whereby the customers will be required to fill the questionnaire through the use of either a 'yes' or a 'no' statement. The questionnaires are going to be presented to the customers whereby they will be required to fill in their information according to the questions available in the questionnaire and later present the questionnaire back to the ...

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