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    Customer Relationship Management

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    Search the Internet for Web sites and articles about customer relationship management (CRM). Review several CRM vendor sites to gain an understanding of current products on the market and their benefits to marketers. What were the understanding obtained about the current products on the market and their benefits to marketers.

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    Customer Relationship Management tools are focused on helping business leaders better understand the individual needs of their customers. Each customer has a specific set of needs and CRM tools in the form of software and web browser access enable companies to effectively manage customer needs and expectations. In applying CRM technologies, companies are able to build long lasting relationships with clients through anticipating and identifying their needs. Customized package or product offerings can also be derived though utilizing CRM tools. Being able to store information on individual customer preferences and being able to predict other products a specific customer may need or might be interested in is critical to increasing revenue and consumer loyalty.

    It can be quite impressive and provide customers with a sense that the company is in tune with and responsive to their needs. CRM software also enables companies to generate lead and financial reports allowing for more sound decisions to be made about products and service lines to further invest in.

    Pega is on such company that boasts it can help companies transform their customers experience. Pega offers ...

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