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    Digital Customer Relationship Marketing

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    For all submission please include references/citations so that I can do the assignment (Exclude any work from wikepedia as the school does not accept any work cited from that source).

    Brief explanation of each separate technique:
    ? personalized customer interaction
    ? customer relationship management (CRM)
    ? customer experience management (CEM)
    ? interactive relationship marketing
    ? mass customization
    ? customerization

    Present your evaluation of each technique's strategic contribution to Digi-Care's market leadership,

    Conclude with a proposed plan for integrating all of the strategic techniques to achieve Digi-Care's CRM and relationship marketing objectives.

    [Explanation: Max understands that these digital marketing techniques are complimentary and provide overlapping strategic benefits; however, your evaluation of the separate techniques and proposal for integrating them into a combined customer relationship management and relationship marketing plan will give Max the strategic digital marketing guidance he needs to proceed with the Digi-Care acquisition]

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    STEP 1
    ? personalized customer interaction
    There is staff in Digi-Care that deal directly with customers, and support teams into an integrated team.
    This means Digi-Care need to create virtual teams that respond rapidly to request or inquiries from consumers.
    The business units share the best practices.

    STEP 2

    ? Customer relationship management (CRM)
    this relates to the management of customer relationships with regards to getting, storing and analyzing customer information.

    In this case information technology is used to make automatic business processes and work related to data.
    1. There is a case for centralization of data
    2. Organization and marshalling of customer data;
    3. Collaborate direct with customers;
    4. Analyze the information of customers for several purposes.
    5. Generate database so that the information can be used.

    STEP 3

    ? customer ...

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