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Describe the key elements of technology-enabled customer relationship management and outline the advantages that technology-enabled customer relationship management has over traditional seller−customer interactions?

Describe what a search engine inclusion and placement broker does and explain why an advertiser might use such a broker rather than working directly with a search engine site?

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//This query is related with online business and technology enabled customer relationship management. In order to fulfill this query, you should have an understanding of E-business, E-marketing and Customer Relationship Management Software. I would like to assist you on these points in order to enhance your knowledge. See the text below: //

Customer Relationship Management

In the present times, it has been quite difficult for the organizations to maintain a secure position in the market place due to heavy competition and even some of the organizations strive for survival only. In order to overcome such situations, companies apply various marketing strategies & customer relationship tactics. Nowadays, most of the organizations have started using customer relationship management software for satisfying their customers and make them loyal for the products & services of the company.

Customer relationship management enables a company to deal with its customers in more effective manner. CRM is an integration of business processes, technology, products and people for making and keeping the customers satisfied (What is CRM, 2008). It is very difficult for the companies to run business successfully without focusing on customer relationship.

//We have discussed customer relationship management in the above paragraph and in the next part, we will be discussing the key elements of CRM. //

The key elements of CRM are as follow:

CRM provides 360o view of every ...

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The response address the queries posted in 951 words with references.