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    Out Town Photography Proposal for an e-CRM system

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    Write a proposal for an e-CRM system. The proposal should include the following:

    Create a basic overview of the advantages of an e-CRM system and why Our Town Photography would benefit from such a system.

    List the specific data would you to store in your system (Be creative and include specific items such as: Name, Address, Birth dates, Purchase History, etc. and other pertinent data that will help identify customers for upcoming events).

    Research at least two e-CRM systems that are available and do a compare contrast between the two systems. List the advantages and disadvantages of each the system and create a side by side comparison matrix.

    Write a brief recommendation of which system you will choose, be sure to support your answer with specific data. In other words, this system will cost money, be able to explain why Catherine should invest in the system.

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    Our Town Photography provides photography and portraits. The company has
    implemented an online branding program. Due to the success of the program, Our Town is
    currently facing a challenging, in managing growth. The organization prides itself on giving
    customers the personal touch. The concern is that with so much new business, the company
    may not be able to provide its valued customers that personal touch. Both the Marketing
    Manager, Mark Bucas and Owner, Catherin Irvin are concerned about how to manage
    growth, yet maintain the personal touch.
    A viable solution is to implement an online Customer Relationship Management
    system, or eCRM. There are many reasons to consider implementing such a system. "The
    overall benefits of CRM software include extending the company's value across the firm
    through data integration, increasing customer retention and loyalty, and responding
    effectively to competition in the marketplace" (CRM Software Guide, 2011). The right CRM
    application can help Our Town Photography effectively manage growth, while allowing the
    firm to maintain personal relationships with its valued customers.
    CRM software makes sales data available immediately, so that key decision makers
    can determine which processes to adopt or which customers require more personal attention
    than others. Based on sales data, the company may decide to offer special promotions to
    customers who fall at a specific level of sales. Having sales data available immediately, can
    help Our Town determine which products or packages are most popular, among its regular
    customers. Offers or products that are not popular may be ...

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