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Utilizing Customer Relation Management (CRM) Data

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Does your organization use electronic Customer Relation Management (CRM) data and how is it providing value?

This solution provides an example from an electronics store retailer. Customer service is polled through direct email; to see how well consumers rate their overall service. It explains the importance of both initial customer satisfaction and follow-up surveys in determining how likely repeat business will occur. If feedback is negative, this provides an organization with immediate input on what should be changed.

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The example utilized is a small, family-owned electronics store. It has products such as cell phones, tablets, music devices, car alarms and stereos. The store does utilize several forms of electronic Customer Relation Management (CRM) data gathering techniques. At the point of sale, all customers are asked for an email address. This is optional, but the advantages stressed in providing an email address include not only a customer satisfaction survey, but sales and promotion alerts. In the event a customer buys a warranty for their product, an email address is required. The initial survey that ...

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This solution provides an actual work example of when, where and how electronic Customer Relation Management (CRM) data is used in consumer store setting. In this example, retailers use venues such as online surveys or emails to see how consumers would rate their shopping experience. Electronic CRM data can provide retailers with near instant feedback on how customers feel. The solution contains approximately 400 words.

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