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    Customer Relation Management

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    Questions for Quest Foods

    1. How would you rate MacFadden, based on the progress he has made
    on CRM?
    2. What are the forces driving BPR and CRM?
    3. Are there reasons for going slowly on CRM?
    4. What options exist for MacFadden? What are their pros and cons?
    5. What are the characteristics of an ideal learning partner?
    6. What recommendations do you have for MacFadden?

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    Running head: CRM

    CRM Initiative in Quest Foods

    The progress of CRM is not much significant for the company as still it would take about 2 years to implement CRM system in the business. But the progress made by MacFadden on CRM is significant as his efforts caused the development of information technology based customer relationship management model. He gives his important contribution in the development of CRM system in Quest. But at the same time he needs some more effective strategic steps to implement CRM within the business in order to achieve competitive advantage particular regions with its customers (Case Study). It is because; the implementation of CRM model would cause an increase in the competitive advantage of firm in Overall it can be said that the contribution of MacFadden is quite important and significant in the progress of CRM.
    The business process reengineering (BPR) could be defined as the improvement in the efficiency of business process. In other word, it can be defined as the rethinking and redesign of the business process to achieve dramatic improvements in its different business processes (Johansson, McHugh & Pendlebury, 1994). Following are the forces that drive BPR in the business -
    Change in the technological environment - The change in the technology used for production caused the implementation of BPR in Quest (Whitten & Bentley, 2005).
    Reduction in cost - To reduce the cost of producing and manufacturing is also the force that is driving the BPR.
    Enhance service effectiveness and speed - In order to enhance service speed and effectiveness the management of Quest used BPR.
    Differentiate Quest from its competitors - It is the major driving force for BPR implementation in the organization. The major objective of the management was to distinguish the product and services of the company from its competitors and to achieve competitive advantages. The change in the strategy of competitors was also forcing Quest to implement BPR.
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