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    Data Collection and Analysis

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    The data MUST be at least 30 and continuous data. Some examples are the actual weight of 5-lbs bean bags sold at Wal-Mart, the time given by a park-o-meter for 25 cents, the height of 30 people you know, the length of drive to work for 30 day, the time it takes you to brush your teeth, Gas prices for 30 stations for the same company and so forth. For this project you need to present a paper which at minimum covers the following:

    1. A valid and useful research question. For example what if some stakeholder is interested in showing the accuracy, or lack thereof, of the claim made on the bean bags about the weight of the beans inside.

    2. Background on the research question and the interested stakeholder and what is at stake

    3. A comprehensive research methodology to include, at minimum, the following:
    a. The logic behind the sample size and collection methodology
    b. Qualifications for the person(s) collecting the data
    c. Equipment or instruments needed to collect the data. Type, accuracy, age or any relevant characteristics have to be identified.
    d. How to collect the data
    e. How to record the data.
    f. What to do with the data once collected.
    g. Etc.
    4. Show all descriptive statistical analysis for the data. Examples are mean, mode, median, Standard Deviation and so forth.
    5. Present the data in the appropriate graphical form.
    6. Define a confidence interval question and work out the answer using this data
    7. Define one probability question and work out the answer using this data

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    //Before writing about the Interested Stakeholders and Data Collection, it is essential to know about the background. One should know about the main aspects of the given case, which further will assist in analyzing the case, in an effective manner.//


    Normally women at this age are more conscious for their figure and they do each and everything to keep them in shape. As per the physicians, the weight should be 45 at this age. This research helps in finding out whether they are physically fit or over weight or under weight and whether their dieting habits appropriate or not. Moreover, this research helps in increasing awareness among the young generation regarding their diet and helps them in adopting right measures for maintaining the right weight. Now-a-days, crash dieting is very common, especially among females and this is not good for health. This research also helps in reducing the increasing craze towards crash dieting.

    //Above is the discussion of case background. Now, as per the directions, explanation about the Interested Stakeholders and Data Collection is to be provided in a proper manner.//

    Interested Stakeholders:

    In this research, diet is at stake and woman of the age group 18-20 which mainly includes college going girls are the interested stakeholders in this research. Along with these, some working girls of this age group are also the interested stakeholders. Parents and guardians can also be included in the category of interested stakeholders as they want to know whether their ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 989 words with references.