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    The Nurse's Role in Research

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    What is the nurse's role in data collection, patient privacy, and ethical treatment of human subjects? What are some ethical considerations in data collection for nursing research? Describe some methods or strategies that allow a nurse researcher to collect qualitative, quantitative, and evidence-based data in an ethical manner.

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    Nurses have a very important role in the process of data collection, and this role will help to determine the quality and accuracy of the data that is collected for health care purposes. A very important role that nurses have in the process of data collection is to make the important decision as to what data is feasible for the research being conducted, and the collection of this pertinent data that is to be kept on record for further analysis in seeking to answer research questions. Nurses also have the role of deciding the methodology that will be used in locating and collecting the pertinent data for the research being conducted, as well as passing on this information to other individuals that are instrumental to the data collection and analysis process.

    Nurses must collect their data in a manner that is consistent with the legal rights of subjects to a high degree of privacy, in the ...