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    Training Methods - BINZ INC Case

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    Fred Knott, the training consultant for BINZ, Inc. what to know how to consider which training methods will be most effective for the training session you are designing for the sales department.

    Based on your needs analysis and design for training from the previous assignments, describe how to utilize a minimum of 3 training methods as part of your training plan for BINZ, Inc.

    Some questions/items to address in this assignment:
    - What methods would you use? How and when would you implement them? Be specific in your description of activities using your methods.
    - Why would the methods you chose to use be effective?
    - What potential drawbacks do you see with your planned methods?
    - Discuss the costs associated with the methods. Roughly how much money and work will be required (upfront and ongoing) to implement and maintain these training methods.

    Hands on Methods include: OJT (on the job training), Self-Directed Learning, Apprenticeship, Simulations, Case Studies, Business Games, Role Plays, Behavior Modeling.

    Group Building Methods include: Experiential Learning, Adventure Learning, Team Training, Action Learning, Six Sigma and Black Belt training

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    BINZ Inc. Training Plan - Methods for Training of Sales Force

    In the research conducted of BINZ Inc., Mr. Knott identified several gaps in training that needed to be fulfilled to satisfactorily upgrade BINZ to a modern and competitive organization. The key areas focused on in the training plan were; BINZ culture and vision with expectations for new hires training, HR benefits and resources training, and technical training on all BINZ product lines. Each of these training steps is a requirement for all associates to successfully complete to enter the sales force; therefore, we will now identify our methods of training that will enable everyone the optimal chance at successfully completing their training (Potter, 2010).

    The methods of training we will use at BINZ will be a combination of both hands on training as well as some group building methods. For each specific training phase the employee is in we will apply the most appropriate training method to that training module to ensure sufficient learning is occurring. The methods we choose will take into consideration the time it will take to implement the training, the method's overall effectiveness, potential drawbacks in using this method, and all the associated costs in using the method selected as well as the feasibility of maintaining these methods over the long term (Aguado, 2009).

    Based on the criteria necessary to meet our requirements at BINZ, the following will be our methods used for each phase of the employee's training cycle.

    Employee Training Schedule and Training Method to be Applied

    Phase 1: BINZ Culture and Vision training / Employee Expectations.

    This training will be administered in the first week to all newly hired employees at BINZ. The method of training we will use is going to be Group Training, specifically; it will be a combination of team training and action learning. This will be a cost effective training course that will be held onsite at the BINZ location where the new hire group is going to work. The classes will ...

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