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Most Effective Training Methods

Review and analyze the information on traditional training methods. Which do you think tend to be the most effective and why? Which do you think tend to be most ineffective and why?

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There exist 3 forms of traditional training methods. The 3 forms include: Presentation methods, Hands-On methods, and Group Building methods.

1. Presentation Methods
- Here, trainees become passive recipients of given information. The information that is passed on to them usually consists of facts/information, processes and problem-solving methods. The 2 main methods that is used here include lectures and audio-visual techniques.
- In lectures, the trainer passes on information via spoken words directly to the trainees. Communication is usually one-way. It is a cheap method of training in which vast amounts of information can easily be passed across within the shortest time possible and can be used with large audiences. The variations of the lecture method include student presentations, panels, standard lectures, team teaching and the use of guest ...

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