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    Hands On vs. Group Building Training Methods

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    What method of training do you believe is most effective in maximizing transfer and why?
    - Hands on Methods:
    - OJT(on-the job training)
    - Self-Directed Learning
    - Apprenticeship
    - Simulation
    - Group Building Methods:
    - Adventure Learning
    - Team Training
    - Action Learning
    - Six Sigma
    - Black Belt Training

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    It is my belief that on-the-job training is the most effective in maximizing transfer, largely due to the fact that on-the-job training allows an individual to train in a manner that will most closely resemble the actual job that they will be performing. This is because the activities that they will be performing will be nearly identical to the job that they will be performing on their own once they complete the training process. Another reason that on-the-job training is most effective in maximizing transfer is due to the fact that the individual will gain muscle memory in ...

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    The expert examines hands on versus group building training methods.