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    HRM Research

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    5 What statistical analyses would be appropriate in each of the following situations? Explain your rationale.
    a. You have collected pre-test and post-test scores for a training program in the organization. You want to determine whether the training resulted in increased subject matter knowledge.

    b. You need to establish an externally competitive pay range for administrative assistants. You have compensation data for 35 organizations that includes the following types of data:
    i. Minimum pay rates
    ii. Maximum pay rates
    iii. Average pay rates
    iv. Sales of organization
    v. Number of employees in each organization
    vi. Number of administrative assistants in each organization

    c. You have conducted an employee satisfaction survey among five different departments. The leadership team wants to know if there are differences in satisfaction levels between the various departments.

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    HRM Research:

    In an organization, statistical analysis is the process by which data is collected, recorded and interpreted in the organization. In the statistical analysis data is collected through conducting experiments within the organization and measuring the quality of performance of the employees in the different departments. In addition to this, data can be collected through the observation, use of questionnaires and use of sampling methods. This data collected is utilized by the Human Resource department so as evaluate the factors that affect the employees in order improve their efficiency and job satisfaction within the organization (Slack & Parent, 2006).

    In the collection of the pre-test and post-test scores for a training program so as to determine whether the training resulted in increased subject matter knowledge the method used to collect data is the correlation coefficient method. This is because the method compares the interrelation or interdependence of two or more variable in the organization. In this case the performance of the employees is compared before the employees went through the training programs and also after they went through the training program (Chiang, 2003).

    You need to establish an externally ...

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