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    HRM Training Specialist

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    Create your own capstone project that you can study extensively that would turn you into an HR specialist. You've had extensive study in the field of HRM. (Imagine you are a student working towards a degree in HRM)

    1) What is it that you would like to be able to claim to be "expert" at when you've completed your concentration of HRM?

    2) Identify an HR topic that you feel you would like to study in-depth for the response. Select a topic that really focuses in on some aspect of an HR function in the private sector. ((For example, if the topic of compensation is too broad. Instead, you may want to study the role of employee wellness programs in bringing down health insurance costs. This is a focused statement calling for a specific, well-researched response.))

    3) Explain why this aspect of HR is important to the practice of HR and to your own career?

    4) Describe how you will go about studying this topic bridging the terminology, theory, academic research, and practice in the private sector.

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    The overview is an investigation into a specialist field in human resources, the behavior management trainer. This professional works with managers, to develop plans for improving unwanted employee behaviors or for addressing new behavior development in strategic change management situations.