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The Three Types of Human Resource Management (HRM) Software

Discuss the benefits of using HRM technology, and compare and contrast the three types of HRM software; (1) transaction processing, (2) decision support system, and (3) expert systems. Do you think it would it be beneficial for an organization to have more than one or all three types of HRM software? Why, or why not?

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Benefits of Using HRM Technology

Use of HRM Technology has increased significantly in the last decade and it is all due to different benefits of it to organizations. Use of HRM technology assists companies in its simple function to storage and communication to more complicated transactions. Use of it assist managers towards faster, more accurate and efficient processes and decreased HR costs. Technology facilitates managers and employees with all essential HR information and perform simple to complicated tasks on their own (Wang, 2005). HRM technology have also helped companies in reducing the managerial and ...

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This solution discusses three benefits to using HRM technology and three types of HRM software in 344 words with three references.