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    HRM Software Applications

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    Research software applications and information systems in human resource and management departments.

    Provide an overview of the software applications within the human resource and management departments.

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    Technology has definitely made an impact in the human resource (HR) and management departments. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Management Systems (MIS) have served as links between Human resource management and information technology. Now, how do these systems connect the human resource department with the information technology and at the same time create an impact on management? These HRIS and MIS provide an accurate view of the activities of the human resources department. This includes recruitment, performance management, training, and compensation. These systems reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of the HR department by automating the processes and entering the data into its corresponding database. They standardize the processes used in the HR department. They have contributed to the smooth running of every company by tracking and analyzing the various HR activities such as timekeeping and work patterns of the employees.
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    Software applications used in the human resources and management departments. References are included.